Saturday, November 5, 2016

Be The Expert!

Everyone likes to feel like we are an expert at something in the world.  We are all experts at the same thing, nobody knows us as much as we know ourselves.  Others may think they understand you but we all know there is so much more in there to learn.  I read and research a lot which makes me knowledgeable, but I don't consider myself to be an expert in anything other than me.  Through self-reflection you can become an expert about yourself as well.

The more time we sit in quiet contemplation, the more we learn about what goes on within us.  If you are like me right now and there are many thoughts and feelings plaguing you, then this means that we have things to process and learn about ourselves yet.  Those uncontrolled thoughts and feelings are things that we have not taken the time to understand yet, but it is worth the time and effort to process them.  This is where you begin to become the expert.

We learn things every day of our lives, and some of the those things we learn make sense while others do not.  If the new things cause conflict in our inner values and morals, then they will remain unprocessed until we think our way through them.  Many of the unprocessed thoughts come from interactions with others.  The other person may have said or did some things in our presence that disturbed us for example and we go away trying to make sense of it all.

These sort of thoughts can plague us for days, weeks, months and even years depending on the severity of the interaction.  The longer we leave those thoughts unprocessed, the more they will lead to anxiety and often depressive states.  If you want to start searching for that place of inner peace that is inside of all of us, then you need to start processing through controlled thought.  The more of these unanswered questions you have within yourself, the worse your state of mind will be.

Nobody else can remove these thoughts and feelings from us.  We can find others who can help guide us at times but we need to become experts of our own mind if we want to 'tame the beast' within.  Get to know yourself better and begin finding ways to calm your inner self with answers.  There is a book called 'The Four Agreements' that I found helpful in this journey.  Follow their ancient for rules and you will have a better chance of finding peace.

The four agreements are simple to read but a little more complex in practice.  Don't assume anything! Ask questions and verify information before taking it as law within yourself, otherwise you will be adding to the mountain of unprocessed information you are already carrying.  Don't take anything personally!  When someone says or does something negative to you, most of the time it is because of their state of mind at that moment as opposed to them having a problem with you.

Be impeccable with your word!  This refers to choosing your words carefully when you speak so that you are always speaking in a truthful and honest way.  Doing this helps to stop inner conflicts before they begin. If we choose our words wisely and carefully we can immediately process the information within ourselves rather than adding to the unprocessed thoughts.  Finally, always do your best, because if you always give your best effort nobody can tell you that you did not try or intend the best possible outcome.

Get to know yourself!  Become the expert on you.  Learn what works and what does not.  The more you learn about yourself, the better your relationship becomes with you and with others.

Have a peaceful and happy day!
Be Well

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