Sunday, November 6, 2016

Balancing Thoughts and Feelings for Better Mental Health

Let's start breaking down the problem.  We know that we are suffering inside but most of the time we do not know why.  We could be suffering from depression or anxiety, or other inner conflicts which are causing us both mental and physical, yet finding the root of the problems can feel like an overwhelming journey.  We need to simplify and understand if we want to move forward.

I got to thinking about a discussion I had with someone a few months back where we had two very opposite opinions about how to help someone build a better you.  I was told that we need to build a person from the outside in and that is the only way.  I was quite astounded that someone who I considered to be quite intelligent could have this view.  A person can only be built properly from the inside out and there is little we can do to help others on this journey.

The only thing we can offer is guidance if we know a better way.  Teaching a person who they should be on the outside so that they can function better in society is counterproductive against the nature of our being.  Inside of all of us is a being that is screaming to get out, and the more we are bogged down by rules, procedures, protocols, laws and other forms structure, the more frustrated that inner being becomes.  It is one thing to 'act' a certain way, but a completely different thing to 'be' who we are.

Anytime we act outside of our nature, we cause more inner conflict.  If I am nice person and choose to be that way then I certainly don't want someone telling me that I must act differently.  I can be a 'jerk' when I choose to be but it is definitely not 'who' I am.  I plan to write some progressive articles today and tomorrow that will show both of us how to make sense of this problem.

Society has programmed us to see the world the way it wants us to see it, not for how it truly is.  Media sets the tone for life and laws tell us what we can and can't do.  Both cause inner conflict because they are not based in being a better person, they are based in us doing what we are told so we can be a better citizen in this supposedly more 'civilized' world.  Civility to means treating others well and hoping they will do the same.

These are just my ramblings that are helping me towards making a better and more important point. I am not creating a self-help program like so many capitalists are doing out there, I am simply trying to use my own wisdom to provide a little guidance which I hope will help you be a better you.  That is all that is truly important.  We all want to be better humans but are not sure how to get there.  Being better human beings helps us to become who want to be and who we are meant to be, and this is how we resolve our inner conflicts.

I am working out a few finer points about this upcoming article about subjectivity and objectivity.  Our subjective self experiences the world through our senses and gets us physically invested in the world around us.  This is where our gut feelings and hunches come from.  Objectivity is where our brain processes information through logical reasoning based on our inner values and ethics.  If these two things are out of balance then we will live with inner conflict.

Consider your subjective feelings coming from the 'heart' and objective thoughts coming from our brain; they need to work together for balance and peace, but much of the time what we see and how we feel do not match up and this leads to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.  I will attempt to simplify this in my upcoming articles so you gain a better understanding of your inner self, and therefore have the ability to start resolving your own conflicts.

Think well and feel good today!

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