Sunday, November 6, 2016

Balance Your 'Self' and Remove Inner Conflicts

It is one thing to understand that we have depression, anxiety, or some other mental health issue, but it is another to know why we have them in the first place.  How can you solve the root of your issues if you don't know what is causing them?  I like to talk about inner peace being a goal for all of us, but sometimes forget that without an understanding of what is keeping us from peace, we can not solve the issues that are blocking us.

I would like to take this seemingly complex problem and simplify it as best I can.  Let's get started!  Where do all of our inner conflicts begin and what makes us 'tick'?  We need to begin at the place where we absorb and 'download' information.  The answer is simple and complex at the same time, we absorb information through our senses.  We see, smell, hear, touch and taste the world around us without any effort each day, but what happens to this information once we have 'absorbed' it?

The information we take in through our senses must be processed at this point.  We see something and our thought processes try to make sense of it.  We smell something and our brain tries to understand and categorize what it means.  We spend every day downloading information through our senses and our brains spend the day trying to understand what it all means.  Once we have sorted the sensory information with our thought processes, we put this into memory.

Our memories then help us react to similarities when we experience the world around us.  This is where our behaviours come from.  Our behaviours manifest from things we have already learned, whether good or bad.  So let's simplify at this point; we have feelings or emotions based on sensory input, we have thoughts that help us to reason and understand the input, and then we have our behaviour which is the outward projection of what we have learned.

This process goes on all day without us even noticing.  When we begin to notice is when we have inner conflicts that have been created.  The information we feel is conflicting with the how we think about it.  If we can resolve the inner conflicts, we can have inner peace, but it is very rare to find someone who is truly at peace with themselves and the world around.  This means that we all have inner conflict, and it is the source of mental health issues.

How I feel about something does not always match how I think about it.  These conflicts are what keeps the mind busy all of the time.  A busy and uncontrolled mind is what plagues our existence.  We build so many inner conflicts and rarely take the time to resolve them.  We end up with an overloaded mind and feel so overwhelmed that we end up with issues like depression and anxiety.

We live in a world filled with conflict and evil, and for well-intended good people, the world itself fills us with conflict each day.  It is difficult to make sense of what we are seeing and hearing, especially when our feelings toward these things are negative, but our brain is trying to produce positive results.  I understand what it is like to be depressed and it certainly feels like something that is out of my control to deal with.

You need to understand why you are depressed or anxious so that you can begin to resolve your own issues.  Ask yourself why you are depressed or anxious and seek answers.  Find out why you are feeling so conflicted that it is taking away from your quality of life.  Start by observing your own inner processes and try to understand why you feelings don't match your thoughts.  This is the conflict you want to resolve so you can begin to experience the world without conflict.

The less conflict you feel on the inside, the closer you get to being at peace with yourself.  If you can't resolve the conflicts then you will never truly find peace.  When you have a feeling about something today check your thinking that goes along with it.  Make sure that your thinking coincides with your feelings.  If it does not, that is a conflict you will want to work on.  Find balance between your thoughts and feelings and your behaviour will improve.

I will ponder this further and take a step forward in this thinking process a little later.  I truly hope you have good day and are able to remove a conflict or two!

Be Well

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