Thursday, November 17, 2016

One Symptom At A Time

No matter which invisible illness you are suffering from, they all have symptoms.  Identifying our symptoms is the first step to recovery.  You may even be dealing with multiple physical and mental health issues, with a an abundance of symptoms, but you can only really deal with one symptom at a time.  I know that experiencing all of the symptoms on a regular basis is absolutely exhausting at times and can be quite overwhelming, so I am suggesting you take one symptom and understand it better.

We can't take action on something until we understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it.  Identify the symptom and understand what is causing it by asking questions about it.  For example, when I experience a feeling of anxiety, that is the symptom.  I identify it what it is and do a little self research.  At this point none of my other issues are a priority until I understand the current one better.

What thoughts or experiences did I have that led up to the symptom?  You may be able to identify it quickly or you may have to continue asking questions until you get an answer.  Don't give up on it until you are satisfied that you have progressed in your thinking about the problem.  You already know that you are experiencing several symptoms each day so start working on them one at a time. Don't try to solve all of them at once.

I gave a quick synopsis in my last article about how I conquered my anxiety.  I did it by conquering one symptom at a time until I could take control of the anxious feelings and overcome them.  The overall war of suffering was not won at this point, but I won that battle.  It gave me the ability to begin working on my other invisible illnesses.  One down with more to go yet.

Whether you are suffering from multiple health issues, or just one, you have several symptoms to heal.  Work on things one symptom at a time and relief will follow.  Each time you let go of another symptom you will feel your strength start to build.  It is hard to take action when we are overwhelmed, but we can all focus on ourselves for a few minutes each to promote self-care.

Care about yourself and your symptoms.  Fix them one at time and begin to find some inner peace for yourselves.

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