Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why Mental Health Literacy is Needed

There is a great need for better mental health in almost every family on the planet.  Better mental health begins with awareness of the issues, and with what we have learned about these issues.  There is an abundance of good information based on research and experience which can help each and every one of us on our path to a better life. 

I hope you will bear with me as I put all of the information into perspective here on this blog.  I hope that you will click the follow button so that you can continue to move forward with us on this journey to better mental health.  I will write in a conversational tone and do my best not to use words that all can easily understand.

  I also hope you will comment and share the things you would like to see us focus on in regards to mental health issues.  I will simply be using my education and experiences to help anyone that needs it.
My belief is that by educating and sharing solid information about your issues, or that of a family member/friend, you will begin to recognize symptoms and learn how to ease some of the suffering that those issues are causing.  

We will also be building a database where you will be able to find good, well researched information which will help you to improve your quality of life and that of those around you.  My writings will be unedited for the most part since the words come out faster than I can type sometimes.  I will do my best to provide well written materials that you will find useful and helpful.
The first step I will deal with today is about removing stigma and bad feelings about mental health disorders.  I am not afraid to tell others what my issues are and you should not be afraid either. Others cannot truly understand us if they don't know what ails us.

  I have had anxiety issues since I was quite young, and decades later they are still there, I just know how to control them better now.  When others understand that I have these issues, they create different and more understanding opinions of my outward behaviours.  If I seem fidgety or am sweating profusely, they will more likely attribute that to my anxiety issues and not that I am hiding something from them.  This a big difference in perception and a more positive outlook which was created through understanding.

We will hear someone say something like "that person is just crazy!", and most of us will just assume that they are.  If we take away the stigma attached, we may see a person who is suffering from a bout of mania which they cannot control and we should help them rather than stigmatize them.  Maybe the person has a schizophrenic disorder and they have spent most of their lives trying to find balance and order for themselves.  The person is not simply 'crazy', they are suffering from something and we as human beings should be more understanding, instead of being judgmental. 

I realize this is just the beginning of the journey to better mental health, and that we have a lot of work yet to do, but I am willing to put in the work if you are.  I hope what I am writing makes sense and that it speaks to you on an inner level.  It is my hope to get you thinking critically so you can start to fix your own mind and find some inner peace.  I have much left to learn myself but in the mean time I will share what I do know.  If there are other things you want or need to learn, please let me know and we will learn it together right here.

Be well and choose to have a good day.  Believe it or not, it is our choice!

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