Saturday, October 22, 2016

Marshmallows Are Fat Free

The scope of my past blogs were based in philosophy and critical thinking skills.  I like to write articles that get people to start thinking more critically, so that you are getting a little more mental exercise, and therefore better mental health.  This article below was something I posted a couple years ago and my readers and I had a lot of fun with it.  I figure it will be a quick and fun read for a Saturday. I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Be Well

For any of you who have not already guessed, advertising these days is a joke and actually a form mind control through suggestive thought processes. Consider this the next time you are watching TV, see a snack commercial, then get up to get a snack.  We all do it.  The advertisement that set me off this morning was one I saw while pouring my early morning coffee.  Marshmallows with a statement in bold on the front of the bag "Naturally Fat Free".  Really??
First of all, when did mankind invent a marshmallow plant or tree?  There is nothing natural about a marshmallow.  I won't list all the ingredients but they do contain tetrasodium pryophosphate and I suppose they invented a tree for that as well.
Most kids will see that and go "mommy, mommy, buy me these, they are healthy, they have no fat and they are natural".  Who are we kidding?  We are teaching our children a distorted reality right from the get go.  My conscience determines right from wrong and this is just wrong.  Our children will grow up thinking marshmallows are natural and fat free so we should eat lots.
Childhood obesity is raging in our society and this is just one yummy sugary product.  Spend today looking at everything you see with a logical unbiased outlook and you will truly open your eyes for the first time.
Don't get me wrong either, i am not religious(but i love all the stories), i am not trying to preach, but I am trying to get your critical processors moving so we begin to question everything.  And i do very much enjoy marshmallows.
I don't want people going off thinking i am prejudiced against marshmallows.... Thought tells me that the kids and I will have a lot of fun and laughs with a bag of them and a campfire, and logic tells me that laughter is a good thing.(I know they are not good for me physically, but the joy they add to our campfire make it worth the trade.)

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