Monday, October 31, 2016

It Is Time To Share

I figured it was about time to write an 'about me' article.  I had a hard time wanting to write it because I don't like talking about myself.  I will often share things about myself in articles but that is to let you know that I understand because I have experienced.  I was writing earlier today and reminded myself that when I helping people one-on-one, I share stories about myself to make them more comfortable sharing their personal details.  That and so that they understand that I have been in a similar place or situation in my life and that I truly empathize and 'get' what they are going through.

I will share a brief synopsis about me so you know where I am coming from when I write about the things that I do.  I am a pretty simple guy in his mid forties who has lived through some trials and tribulations in my life, and I found peace through the storms.  I have parented 5 children successfully and understand how hard being parent nowadays can take its toll on our physical and mental health.  I worked full-time as well for 23 years at varying careers/jobs and took care of my family's needs.

I went through a horrible divorce after a 10 year marriage and 3 children, and then spent 7 years fighting for my kids in the court system.  I won my court case and primary custody of my children many years back and hopefully set a good precedence for others fathers at the same time.  After a life of dealing with all these stressful years while suffering from an anxiety/panic order, I finally fell down.

I started breaking down and could not function anymore.  And I had functioned at a very high rate for most of my years up until that point.  Through all of those years I read book after book, mostly texts and theology, but none of that could help me at that point.  I had to leave my good paying job because I just could not do it anymore.  It was my first time in my adult life that I did not have a decent job.  Talk about scary!

I spent the next year trying to put my health back together and it was tough  Oh, I forgot, I was diagnosed with Fibromylalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in the middle of this mess.  With very little information to go on at that point about these illnesses, I had to cope on my own like many others were doing in silence.  As information and research started to flourish I read everything I could find on them.  Although I did find helpful information along the way, I knew that I needed to solve my problem myself.

I started doing yoga and meditating again.  This is where all of those years of reading came flooding back.  I was overwhelmed with information but I pushed through day by day.  I began my first blog ever and started writing.  I was writing about religion, philosophy, science, and anything else I could use to solve my unanswered questions.  My family worried for a while that I had lost some scope on reality but then people started reading my blog.  At one point I had hundreds of people from around the world coming to read the multitude of information that was coming out of my head.

Once I got an abundance of the information worked out, my mind began to calm.  Meditations got deeper and deeper until one day I finally relaxed.  I found some sort of inner peace and it was quite noticeable to those around me.  I have no other way of explaining it at the moment but to say it was a time where I felt completely at peace, and I got to feel truly happy for the first time in a long time.

With a clear head I began searching for a new purpose in life that was driven from within.  I had the ultimate urge to help others ease their suffering.  I went to a local employment office to talk about jobs and they asked me if I would go back to school.  Absolutely!  I spent two years studying social work and mental health at college and absolutely loved the program.  It was giving me the extra skills and knowledge I needed to be a good 'helper' in society.  I graduated with a 4.00gpa with distinction, not because I am super smart but because I loved the education I was receiving.

I worked at the local health center for a few months and then ended up helping young adults better their education and mental health for a couple of years.  I absolutely love helping people.

I tell my story to let you know that 'i get it'.  Life is hard.  Physical and mental health issues in today's world are getting us down.  I am telling you that there is more.  No matter your struggles, there is something better for us.  I found peace and want to help you find it as well.  Not from a textbook standpoint, but from being honest and showing how I got there, even through my own struggles.

I am a regular guy who has found inner peace and hopes to share it with as many others as I can.  There are paths we can all take in our lives that will lead to the same things.  This is why I try not specify any illness because the path to our inner peace is within ourselves and our physical self is irrelevant to that.  No matter how you feel, there is peace within you, you just have to find it.  I understand what it feels like to be down for days and weeks, and feeling like you can't get up no matter what, but I still know that the peace is still in there.

Good mental health, in my opinion, can only be solved by finding peace with ourselves and can only be strengthen with good practice.  I wrote this to let you know that I understand that you are suffering, I am as well.  I believe that finding peace is the only thing that will heal us, and then together we will get stronger.  Together we can make ourselves and the world a better place.

By the way, this is me taking myself through part of Step 3.  Setting goals and starting.  My goal is to share more so others understand that they are not suffering alone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today.  Be well

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