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Free Will

It is my belief that the concept of Free Will is at the very center of mental health issues.  Anytime we are presented with a problem that takes away from our free will, conflict begins at the core of our being.  I wrote a few pages on this concept a while back and I am posting them below.  I was unfortunate to pick up a flu bug and simply do not have the ability to write new stuff today.  The next two concepts I will tackle this week are Depression and Empathy.  Let us know if there are other issues that you would like to read some matter-of-fact information about.  I hope you all have a great week!  Be Well

Free Will
What is the greatest and most abused gift given to humans?  Free Will.  We also must ask ourselves what the words free will actually mean.  Free will is simply the ability to make choices for ourselves.  What an awesome thing, to be able to make any choice we desire!  According to the Bible, this is the gift given to us from God (just a statement of fact, not a religious statement).  I agree that it is an awesome gift to be given.  So why do we abuse it so?

If all humans are given the ability to make their own choices, what causes so many of them to constantly make bad ones, especially ones which harm others.  This is a point of understanding in which there are many beings in the world who simply do not understand this behaviour.  It is my opinion that these people are born or infused with innate goodness, and I can tell you definitively that these beings are terribly confused right now with the current state of ‘humanity’.

Humans who make bad or unethical choices seem to be functioning at their best these days.  They have found ways to use others in society for their own benefit and have learned how to thrive within the society which has been created for them.  These humans would fall under the blank slate or original sin theories of conscience.  I will add more to this as I go and provide you with a better understanding of these theories, but I will mostly use these as comparatives to the theory of innate goodness.

It is difficult to look at the world and have any hope for humanity these days, especially when you truly observe how they treat each other.  I suppose that if one is not an innately good being then they would likely not even recognize those actions for what they are.  I can tell you though, innately good beings see all of it and it horrible to watch.  Most of us watch with pure disbelief as it is happening and if you are not one of them, you cannot understand the anxiety and disgust that we feel each and every day as we attempt to navigate the social systems.

Back to free will now.  Free will, as I state above, is simply the ability to make choices for ourselves.  We can choose to go left or right, up or down, West or East, and we can choose the path for each and every situation we find ourselves in.  I understand that we can be forced or coerced into other choices than we would make for ourselves, but I am referring to the ability to make ‘possible’ choices we are faced with.

I began with the concept of free will and followed up with a brief thought on the theories of conscience for two reasons: 1. We all have the ability to make the choices we are faced with, and 2. We are not all following the same set of rules when it comes to making conscious and rational choices.  The alternate purpose of this writing is to create an understanding for those confused individuals out there who truly cannot grasp the concept of negative human behaviour.

I will separate the innately good beings from the others from calling them beings, or human beings, as opposed to the single word humans.  Humans, as I see them, are the animal being from which we were created, who is out for their own survival and selfish purposes, and also see the value in groups as well.  Human beings see the higher purpose of humanity above all else and strive for a better world.  We would like to see the value in society and groups but many of us remain on the outside looking in most of the time.

Here is the first bit of help I can offer to those that are confused.  If you are having a hard time understanding why humans treat each other the way that they do and you are constantly trying to offer more to the world than you take from it, then there is a good chance that you are an innately good being.  The best advice I can offer at this point is to continue to make good choices each day because that is all we really have.  I understand the temptation of making bad choices just as anyone else does, but don’t make them just so you can fit in or feel accepted. 

If you are reading this and you don’t believe yourself to be an innately good being, there is hope for you as well.  All of us have the ability to make good or bad choices, but we all follow a different set of rules at the base of our value system.  Although innately good beings follow these ethical rules naturally, you can create these rules as well.  Each religion has a set of these type of value systems and can be a great place to start.  You don’t need to follow the religion, just use their rules as a guideline and place to start becoming innately good within.

Being innately good does not make you awesome or perfect, it simply gives you the natural ability to make what we would consider to be solid ethical choices based on humanity as whole, as compared to making decisions based on your own selfish desires.  Being innately good takes a lot of work since we are surrounded by so much suffering and pain in the world.  I am asking you at this point to not give up.  There are many others out there looking for each other so that we can all better the world together.

It is simple to be tempted into destroying these value systems that we have because the glitz and glamour of the world can truly be exciting, and there are times when we all want to be part of it.  We sometimes need to look past all of that stuff to truly see what is hiding behind there.  The whole system is based on pure selfish desires, and if you are not at the top of the pyramid, you will never have all you want, but you will always strive for it.  This is not where happiness lies people, and you certainly will not find inner peace there either.

If you are looking for happiness and inner peace but do not want to accept this statement above, then this is not the right read for you.  The innately good beings in the world only want happiness and inner peace, and not just for themselves, for everyone.  Here is where things get a little tricky in the understanding.  Without experiencing happiness and inner peace, we cannot truly share it with others, but to experience happiness and inner peace we will appear to be selfish of our own desires.  Therefore we spend too much time trying to help others be happy and forget about our own happiness in order to appease our ethical rules.

Just as we need to breathe, consume water and food, and socialize with others, innately good being ‘need’ to be happy and to have inner peace in order to live well.  Would you say that it is selfish to drink water when you are dehydrated?  Of course not!  It is not selfish to have happiness and inner peace when you need it.  The more of these things that an innately good being has the more effort and good energy they will be able to give to others.  The more strength we have, the more things we can do.

So where does happiness and inner peace lie?  Inside us of course!  We spend so much time looking for it with our eyes and other senses that we miss this one completely.  Happiness is a feeling or experience, not something we will find outside of us.  Inner peace comes with happiness as well because there is less fear.  Fear and worry steal our inner peace, but when we are happier these things fade away.

I plan to ramble on about inner peace and places to find happiness for a while so please bear with me.  There are many ways to find these things and I am sure that we have all spent time searching and researching ways to achieve them.  I can tell you that this will be the most difficult battle you will ever go through, but also the most rewarding by far.  It is hard to understand how awesome it feels to achieve inner peace unless you have stopped looking outside yourselves and begun to look within for the true answers.

Yes, they are all in there!  This is not something you can research but it is something you can look for.  Inner peace is simply the quiet spot within ourselves where nothing matters and no fear exists.  Imagine that, a place where no fear exists.   I can tell you that I know of this place and I hope to visit it again soon.  It is in one word ‘awesome’!  Are you getting excited yet?  Well you should be if you aren’t already.  This is the answer to the question that we have all been asking.  I wish I could say that finding the answer will solve everything, but it is truly just a starting point in which we can work backwards from. 

I won’t deal with happiness yet because we cannot experience true happiness unless we find inner peace first.   I will do my best to provide ways to find that inner peace by working backwards from fear, worry and anxiety, to a place where destroy all of these and emerge more content.  Have you ever sat quietly and tried to understand what fear and anxiety are?  Not only what they are but how they are affecting you?  I will take a guess and say that if you have tried this, while you were searching for an answer you found that fears and worries kept coming up and getting in the way.

I can tell you that inner peace is hidden beneath all of those fears and worries.  Yes, that is exactly where it is.  Now all you have to do is lift them off and the inner peace and happiness will appear.  This is where I am supposed to put a ‘lol’ in I believe.  I will begin to lay out ideas and steps you can take to strengthen your inner peace by slowly removing fears and worries.  This is not for the weak of mind as some of these things will be quite difficult and may require a lot of concentration.  We will use our free will now to make choices to remove fears.

I will add more of the pages to this article throughout out the week.

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